Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy is of great importance when using the internet. At, we don't take any chances, and that's why we have measures to protect users' data.

This privacy policy sets the ground for management of any data collected from users. It details why we collect data, the procedures used and measures taken to ensure all data is secure.

The policy only related to the information gathered during your use of the site and services advertised.

The policy can be updated at any time, but we ensure users get notified via email or through well-displayed notices on the website.

Collection of Information

We collect information for purposes of subscriptions or for the use of any other promotions and other services that might need correspondence with users.

Our servers also automatically collect data such as IP address, cookie information, and, number of visits, page request. This technical data helps us provide personalized services and better user experience. We use various tools such as Google Analytics for data collection.

We also use cookies on your computer to gather more information about your usage on our website. You can disable and delete these cookies from your browser.

Use of Users' Information

We shall share or sell your personal information to third parties. There are exceptions about sharing information in legal cases or if you give written consent.

Our site deploys SSL encryption for data protection. We also employ the highest industry standard procedures and policies to guarantee the safety of our users' information.